By now, you know that home automation is all the rage. More and more homes are realizing the potential and implementing it wherever they can. Pretty soon, it will be rarer to walk into a non-automatic home than a smart home. In the meantime, let’s explore what home automation can simplify for you.

One of the first functions built into home-automation was lighting. It’s no surprise that this feature is appealing to the public. In fact, this idea of “automatic lighting” originated over 20 years ago with the “Clapper”. You might remember the ads…the clapper plugged into your existing outlet and in turn could power up to two devices that were then controlled by sound, ie. a clap.

In today’s society, we crave convenience. We’re doing away with mindless tasks to make room for the big ideas. The idea of home automation is simply that…why would I spend my time flipping the same switch at the same time every day if technology could do it for me?

Now that our lights are automatic, we’re realizing even more potential benefits built into the existing system. If my lights are controlled by a computer, what else can it serve as a signal for? Some homeowners are utilizing multi-colored and even blinking lights for different alerts like email, weather updates, etc. What could automatic lighting simplify in your lifestyle?