Close the blinds, shut your doors, prepare the fans- Summer is coming!

It’s normal to have a love hate relationship with the seasons, right? We love Summer because of the long school break, the water sport activities, casual clothing, and patriotic holidays. But on the other hand… we might feel some hate towards Summer because of the long school break (parents, we understand), the sweaty laundry, the messy house, and let’s not forget the ever growing electric bill.

With all things considered, at the end of the Summer when the nights are getting shorter and school is approaching, we want you to be able to look back and enjoy the months of memories made inside your home. We are confident that a home automation system can help you do just that, so let’s dive into how & why!


Often the easiest way to get frustrated is when the simplest things aren’t working. With a home automation system, the convenience of your on/off switches, volume control, security oversight, and daily tasks can all be controlled through your phone. Can’t find the remote? Not a problem anymore. All tucked in bed, ready to call it a night and forgot to lock the door? Got it covered! Settling down for a movie and forgot to switch off the lights? Done!

Cool down

In the Summer, if your house is empty during the day, you don’t want the air conditioning kicking on every hour, but you also don’t want to come home to a sauna. With a home automation system, you can utilize the program by controlling the temperature of your home every hour of the day. If you’ve got kids running in and out of the house, letting the cool air out- you always have a handy dandy “lock door” switch on your phone!


On top of helping you manage your air conditioning, a home automation system can help you manage your electric bill in its entirety. More children at home means more messes made, more lights left on, more videos games to be played and movies to be watched. You have the ability to check your electricity statistics throughout the day in order to keep a close watch on who and what is racking up your electricity bill!

So, open the blinds, let your kids run free, but definitely prepare the fans… because Summer is coming, and we have what you need to help you keep your cool. Contact us here for more information: or call us at: 713.780.4601