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Home Automation – An Investment Worth Protecting

Technology's role in the average individual's life is increasing every day. When you stop and think how much of our daily routine depends on our computers, phones, or the internet, it can be overwhelming. From a convenience standpoint, however, this streamlining is...

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Lights On, Lights Off

By now, you know that home automation is all the rage. More and more homes are realizing the potential and implementing it wherever they can. Pretty soon, it will be rarer to walk into a non-automatic home than a smart home. In the meantime, let's explore what home...

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Why You Should Automate Your Home

Smart devices have been invading homes for quite a few years now, slowly trickling into home appliances. If you were to count up the devices in your home, you might not have realized how many smart devices you really have! If you’re looking into home automation, it...

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Enhance Your Indoor Lighting

Nothing creates a more perfect atmosphere and feel in your home than lighting. It’s amazing what placing lights in the right spot will do! Creating the perfect mood for your home depends on a few factors: Let the natural light shine- Natural sunshine will...

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The Demand for Voice Control

One question that you might be asking yourself after the recent holidays is “how many Amazon devices were sold?” Amazon’s press release on December 26, 2017 states that they had their best season yet, selling “tens of millions of Alexa-enabled devices worldwide.” The...

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LAKE | FLATO Architects Recognized by FastCompany Magazine

We are proud to support LAKE | FLATO Architects for being recognized as one of the Top 10 Most Innovative companies in Architecture by FastCompany Magazine. Known for its focus on indoor-outdoor structures, LAKE | FLATO Architects specializes in sustainably sourced...

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Savant 8.0 Is Here!

Savant has re-invented the experience of whole-home entertainment and automation. With the one-of-a-kind Savant Pro Remote, new Savant Music service, 4K video and more, this new product suite is a must-have for your Savant Home. Right now, we can offer a special...

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