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Hurricane Season vs. Your Home

As some of us are painfully aware, hurricane season is upon us. While there are plenty of tips and tricks out there to keep your home safe, you might not have considered how your home can keep you safe. With a smart home, there are plenty of tools to consider these...

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Summertime Stress (And How To Avoid It)

We don't know about you, but for us, summer has been a whirlwind. Between family vacations, projects put off last year, and now preparing for yet another school year, it seems like just yesterday we were pulling our shorts from the back of our closets. What did your...

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Maintaining Power In Your Smart Home

If you've invested in any smart home technologies, you know how quickly you learn to rely on them. As you start to adjust your routine and habits, it quickly becomes hard to imagine life before all the automation. Here are a couple of ways to make sure you're always...

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4 Ways To Protect Your Kids In A World Of Instant Access

If you're a parent, your children's safety and well-being are likely pretty high up on your priority list. In today's society, kids have access to more information and tools than ever before - and that can be terrifying. How can you utilize the technology of today in...

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How To Make Your Home Work For You

Technology is completely taking over our future. It's progressing every day...there's no denying it. We're loving it. It's exciting, it's new and the possibilities are endless. However, we know that not everyone shares our enthusiasm. Some might say it's unnecessary,...

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4 Tech Trends of 2018 You’ll Want To Know About

We are in the business of introducing the latest technology into your everyday life in such a way that you don't even notice it's there...everything just suddenly seems to flow more smoothly. While you're enjoying your home and everyone in it, we're in the background...

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Client Spotlight: Laura U. + The Boulevard Show House

Have you heard the hype? The Boulevard Show House has received plenty...and rightfully so. This Tudor style home built almost a century ago has made its way into the spotlight thanks to renowned designer, Laura Umansky. Laura purchased the home last year with a vision...

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The Internet of Things

If you've read about home automation at all, you've probably heard the term, "Internet of Things". In fact, this phrase is becoming more and more widely used when discussing anything internet-related. It's truly mind-boggling to consider where the internet began. The...

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Home Automation – An Investment Worth Protecting

Technology's role in the average individual's life is increasing every day. When you stop and think how much of our daily routine depends on our computers, phones, or the internet, it can be overwhelming. From a convenience standpoint, however, this streamlining is...

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