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Protecting Your Home During Thunderstorms

We are coming up on the hurricane season after an already extremely wet year so far. When it’s 3 o’clock in the morning and you are waking up to flashes of lightning and pounding thunder, you want to be confident that you’ve done all you can to keep your home safe....

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How To Keep Your Cool This Summer

Close the blinds, shut your doors, prepare the fans- Summer is coming! It’s normal to have a love hate relationship with the seasons, right? We love Summer because of the long school break, the water sport activities, casual clothing, and patriotic holidays. But on...

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4 Reasons to Protect Your Home

You get home from work, turn on the 6 o’clock news, and there it is again- another break in. Sometimes it is easier to just let the news of the world go in one ear and out the other, but then there are always those few and far between stories that really make you...

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3 Best Features to a Savant Home Automation System

When choosing a home automation system, the more user-friendly, the better. The savant system takes complex technology and makes it easily usable by people of all experiences and ages. This system makes things easier and more convenient, and the simplified touchscreen...

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Insanely Cool Media Rooms

Who doesn’t want their very own movie theater in their home? Bringing this classic experience into the comfort of your media room is totally feasible with today's technology. The only question is how big you'll go... Looking for the perfect "Wow" factor? Try...

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TV vs. Projector – Pros and Cons

Televisions and projectors serve two different purposes, and there are pros and cons to both. It really comes down to what experience you are hoping to get out of it. Here are some things to consider… A projector will require you to have some sort of screen or surface...

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The Many Roles of Home Automation

Home automation is a way that your devices and appliances can be networked together to in turn, provide you with seamless control over all aspects of your home. It allows you to passively or actively control your home to whatever level of detail you're comfortable...

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Are Your Smart Devices Costing or Saving You Money?

With technology playing such a big part in today's society, gadgets make a popular gift. In fact, most of us probably received some sort of electronic as a gift over the holidays. Maybe you got a new smart thermostat from one company, and a smart lock for your door...

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