Discover the luxury and convenience of Savant home automation and simplified touchscreen control for all your lighting, audio, video, security and home entertainment technologies.


Passively or actively control your home to whatever level of detail makes you comfortable. Have a live video feed come up automatically when the front door is approached. Turn lights on or off by touching an icon on your phone. Automate lights and monitor activities at your vacation home.


Your home will always be illuminated the way you want. On date night your system can dim everything indoors while turning on hot tub and landscape lighting. For those late night or early morning trips to the bathroom let the system turn on the lights only to 50% to prevent annoying night blindness.



On movie night spend your time choosing a movie and let your system automatically turn your theater components on while dimming the lights and locking the doors. Wake to music in your bedroom while waking the kids by turning on their lights. All this either automatically or with a touch on your iPad or iPhone.



No longer wonder if all doors were locked or whether you left an iron turned on when you’re away from home. Monitor energy usage and receive alerts for anything unusual like power outages or unplanned parties. Visually check the entire home perimeter and home interior with an array of cameras.

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