As we move further into the hottest months of the year, we can certainly recognize the value of a cool room in a cool house! While we continue to appreciate our working air conditioning, it is helpful to pick up some tips and tricks to keeping the house cool along the way. Not only will these life hacks assist in regulating the temperature of your home, but they’ll also help you simultaneously practice energy efficiency!


Around The House

There are a few arrangements you can make to keep your home sustaining energy at an ideal temperature throughout the day. For the windows that are letting in unwanted sunlight, consider purchasing Thermal Insulated Curtains as a solution! These curtains are made of heavy cotton or polyester and are used to prevent air from entering or escaping your window. Also known as blackout curtains, they are increasing in popularity and therefore provide a wide selection of colors and styles to fit your existing decor!

If you’re looking for a more permanent investment to block glare and reduce UV rays, consider installing Solarized Shades. They are made to be an eco-friendly, energy efficient option in place of the typical blinds.

Some other quick fixes can be as simple as changing to LED light bulbs, making sure the fan is set to summer setting (counter clockwise), keeping household items unplugged when they aren’t being used, etc.


Around The Clock

You wouldn’t think that timing your chores strategically could help you beat the heat, but hear us out! When you run large appliances during the hottest hours of the day, you are increasing the steam in the air and adding warmth to the surrounding areas. Wait it out! Run your dishwasher at night, iron your clothes before bed, bake your cookies in the evening, and even hold off on using the laundry dryer until the sun goes down. Not only will your house be cooler, but you will feel much more comfortable during your chores!

With smart homes, your installed thermostat is available via your mobile phone, making it possible to control the time and temperature inside as degrees go up and down outside throughout the day. As you learn how to regulate the thermostat, you’ll see the positive effects on your energy bill as a reward for your efforts! The timer feature is an effective way to keep the air conditioning off during the day if you aren’t home, or if you have a varying schedule this summer you can utilize the convenience of having your thermostat on your phone.


Remember a few months ago when we were all saying how much we miss summer, how we can’t wait for the warm weather!? Well, the time has come, and it’s our duty to enjoy it! If you’d like more information on home automation systems that have features such as the mobile thermostat control or the solarized shades, reach out to us at Symbio, we would love to help. Otherwise, jump in the pool as often as you can, host BBQ’s and cheers with your friends, live a little, sweat A LOT- it’s Summer.