At Symbio we believe you should “Love where you live.”   Let us elevate your dream home to a Symbio home.


Discover the luxury and convenience of Savant home automation and simplified touchscreen control for all your lighting, audio, video, security and home entertainment technologies.


Passively or actively control your home to whatever level of detail makes you comfortable. Have a live video feed come up automatically when the front door is approached. Turn lights on or off by touching an icon on your phone. Automate lights and monitor activities at your vacation home.


Your home will always be illuminated the way you want. On date night your system can dim everything indoors while turning on hot tub and landscape lighting. For those late night or early morning trips to the bathroom let the system turn on the lights only to 50% to prevent annoying night blindness.



On movie night spend your time choosing a movie and let your system automatically turn your theater components on while dimming the lights and locking the doors. Wake to music in your bedroom while waking the kids by turning on their lights. All this either automatically or with a touch on your iPad or iPhone.



No longer wonder if all doors were locked or whether you left an iron turned on when you’re away from home. Monitor energy usage and receive alerts for anything unusual like power outages or unplanned parties. Visually check the entire home perimeter and home interior with an array of cameras.

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Meet the Symbio Solutions Staff

Ben Hildreth


David Toups

Operations Manager

Yamin Chowdhury

Senior Technology Specialist

Marcus Rice

Technology Advisor

Our dedicated staff will ensure quality service


Symbio Lighting + Control gives back to the Houston community. From individual donations made on behalf of employees to company-wide volunteering, being charitable is an important part of our culture.


We work directly with homeowners, architects, interior designers, builders and contractors in developing personalized home automation, entertainment, security, lighting and technology plans.

Architectual Designers

Working together with your architect on your new home is the most efficient method to produce the best results. Together we can clearly develop a plan and determine the required timing so that there are no surprises. Blueprints and planning are our specialties.

Interior Designers

Interior designers require their design to take center stage. We understand this so we have assembled specific equipment packages that are virtually invisible. From speakers, subwoofers, switches, electrical outlets and more, our designs maximize the experience without detracting from your design.

General Contractors

Renovations and remodels often present special challenges to electronics systems. You need someone to be an expert but who will also stay out of the way. Our experience with working with a wide array of contractors helps anticipate solutions. With us you’re adding an expert and not a hurdle.


A sampling of our client projects in Houston

Best of the Best - Houston, TX

A home with a view (inside and out) – Houston, TX

Seeing Is Believing – Houston, TX

Because Size Matters

Making Music (and a Statement)

The “Eyes” (and Ears) Have It – East Houston, TX

We’ll work directly with you to form a custom plan.




Symbio installed and maintains our A/V system. They respond immediately when I report an issue. They quickly work remotely to fix the issue and if they need to set an appointment, they do so immediately. Super company, excellent people! We couldn’t be happier with our system and Symbio.



As a design-forward speaker company, we seek to engage and grow with dealers who share in our vision. Symbio is a great example of a company that understands how art can mix with audio and how design integrates with technology. We’ve found them to be professional and knowledgeable in their field, and look forward to continuing to work with them on future projects.

Leon Speakers, Inc.


I am an Interior Decorator and am so grateful to have Symbio as a resource. Symbio’s thoughtful recommendations allow my clients to enjoy the luxury of simplifying their lives. I am proud that the spaces we create together are not only beautiful but function well too. I would highly recommend this company!



From wiring, to savant, to multimedia devices, to cameras, to motorized shades and even lighting, the team at Symbio took care to make sure that everything worked together seemlessly. Their support team was and is always ready to assist if any issues arise. The system is working like a charm!
Matt P.


When referring to our Clientele, it is with great knowledge and comfort knowing Symbio Lighting + Control will provide and offer honest and professional integrity. Their level of service and product remains unprecedented and surpasses all expectations, every time.

Audrey D.


We've worked on a number of jobs with Symbio and their systems always work great and as promised. Their installation is quick and seamless. I would not hesitate to recommend them for any low voltage project.

Gunn Construction & Building Co.

4229C Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77025

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