As Summer is beginning, new schedules are forming! If you have kids home from school and are still working your normal hours, you’re going to want to keep an eye on the house while you are away. We can all attest to the mischief we got into on those long summer days while our parents were at work! Parents have a habit of saying they “have eyes and ears everywhere”, but how would you like to say that and really mean it?

While there are realities to misbehaved children when we aren’t home, what truly matters to us is their safety. A home automation system is a sure way of preventing avoidable accidents and monitoring the safety of your home.


Monitor From Your Phone – If you’re sitting at work and just want to check in at home, you can open your app to view all live camera footage from wherever you are! Need some reassurance that the chores are getting done? You can set up cameras anywhere around your house to monitor at any time! On top of live footage, you also have access to being notified when anyone comes through the front door, meaning no unexpected visitors.

Security System – Also controlled by your mobile device, a home automation system comes with the installation of a home alarm and security system. You can personalize the security however you’d like and find comfort in the fact that your loved ones are always protected when you are not there. A bonus to having access on your mobile device is never having to turn around and run home if you forgot to set the alarm!

Electricity Management – Here is something we can all relate to. When more people are home for more hours of the day, the electric bill is sure to rack up. Whether it’s from the lights left on, the AC cranked up, or the extra devices being used, you are able to monitor and adjust electricity usage through the system on your phone. You no longer have to worry about unexpected surprises on the electric bill when you have it all under control!

Convenience – There is a number of possibilities to be considered with the added convenience of this technology. On a rainy day, the kids can easily put on “movie mode” to dim the lights, lock the doors, and turn on the surround system! Since you can monitor TV usage and electronic times through your automation system, you can set a limit for them that will shut it off and send them to play outdoors.


Ultimately, a home automation system provides the means for a comfortable and safe living space when you are both home and away. With today’s technology, you can control the chaos this Summer while also being reassured that your kids are at home, safe and sound. At Symbio, we think you should love where you live and we fully believe that a home automation system will only improve your experience.