We are proud to support LAKE | FLATO Architects for being recognized as one of the Top 10 Most Innovative companies in Architecture by FastCompany Magazine. Known for its focus on indoor-outdoor structures, LAKE | FLATO Architects specializes in sustainably sourced designs. Symbio Lighting + Control is especially happy to be the home automation, technology and entertainment partner with LAKE | FLATO on a new residential home construction in upscale Houston, Texas.

From its soaring ceilings with huge expanses of glass with a view of the tallest evergreens to the iconic “bridge” connecting adjacent properties all the way to the incredibly smart system of environmental monitoring and energy usage tracking, the property is a sight to behold both from the outside and from the inner workings. The modern exteriors and materials fit beautifully with the surrounding nature and is sure to capture your eye. Keep your eyes and ears open. There will be lots more to come about this amazing “bridge” house. Congratulations LAKE | FLATO Architects!