Nothing creates a more perfect atmosphere and feel in your home than lighting. It’s amazing what placing lights in the right spot will do! Creating the perfect mood for your home depends on a few factors:

Let the natural light shine- Natural sunshine will make any room feel and look welcoming. Keep windows uncovered and curtains peeled back to let in the lighting that the sun provides. This will also help cut down on electrical costs.

Use three layers of light- The first layer is ambient lighting. This includes light from chandeliers, recessed lighting, or even lamps. The second layer is task lighting, which includes LED strip lighting underneath kitchen cabinets or bulbs above the sink that will only be used when you need a little extra light for any tasks. Lastly is accent lighting, which will create a mood in your home. This includes spotlights on a painting, tracking lights, etc.

Automate your lights- Swapping out a simple switch with a dimmer can instantly improve your home lighting. Create a more elegant dining space with dimmed lights during dinner. Or turn the lights on bright when you need more illumination. Companies, such as Lutron, specialize in dimmers and light controls.

Pick the right bulbs- A mesh of different color temperatures can distract from the overall mood of your home. Tip: light packaging typically will tell you the color temperature in Kelvin (such as 2700K). This will help you match the color you are going for in your home. Make sure to consider the color scheme in your home. A very cool temperature with dark wood and warm colors may make your home feel too stark, whereas a middle tone (between warm and cool) will make your home feel more inviting.

Use mirrors- Mirrors can be used to trick the eye using light. With a lamp on the other side of the room, place a large mirror on the wall to create the illusion of a larger space/another room. This especially makes a lighter scheme room feel bigger.