We can control something almost as impressive…

Smart home technology plays a huge role in convenience, but have you considered how it can highlight features already in your home?

Anyone with home decor they’re proud of knows that lighting plays a huge role in the look and feel of the room. Artificial light, natural light, automated light…how can these three work together to keep your home not only well-lit but also energy efficient?

Motorized shades allow you to do a couple of things that just aren’t possible with traditional blinds or curtains.

  • Shade hard-to-reach windows. For the windows that are just out of reach, motorized shades are an easy solution. Whether it’s high up, locked in by furniture or just in an inconvenientĀ spot…handle it with the push of a button instead of pushing yourself!
  • Sensor and schedule your shades. Automating your shades gives you the ability to keep your house illuminated with natural light when possible, and block it out when it’s just too much (see next point). Once you pinpoint the ideal timing, you can set up a regular schedule or even set up sensors to bring the appropriate shades down when necessary.
  • Switch between blackout and sheer shades. This feature is referred to as “dual shades”. For that time of day when you can’t see anything excpet blinding light and suddenly realize how badly you need to dust (when is the automated dusting feature rolling out?!) utilize the blackout shades. Not for too long…as it will get very dark very quick…setup your sensors to automatically draw these shades when the light hits you (and your windows) head on. For the times when total blackout is not necessary (which is most of the time) keep your sheer shades drawn instead. These can be customized to fit your existing interior design.