The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is here! Decorating your home, planning parties and enjoying time with family and friends, has never been easier with today’s technology. From the decorating, to lighting, holiday music and more, let your automated home simplify some of the stress that comes with the holiday season. These tips will help you start imagining the endless possibilities that technology has to offer you, to help make your holiday season merry and bright.

Tip 1: Set the Scene
Your lighting system is possibly the most important technology in your home. Lighting will set the scene and help tie everything together. When you’re planning a holiday party, you can quickly define a lighting scheme that emphasizes the areas of each room that you want to show off, and downplays the ones you don’t want to draw attention to. A few swipes on your smartphone or tablet lets you raise or dim the lights in each area, so you can highlight different areas of your home. Another swipe can turn on all your holiday lights throughout your home, and the party can begin!

Tip 2: Lights, Music, Action!
Having a smart home is all about letting your technology work together. So, to help set the scene, combine your lighting with your home audio system. Your smart home system allows you to seamlessly control both. Once you’ve decided on a lighting arrangement, switch to your music controls and save the settings together for parties to come.Then, you can easily stream holiday music that puts people in the mood for a festive evening.

Tip 3: Start the Party on Time With Smart Entryways
When you’re rushing around preparing for a holiday get-together, you can easily lose track of time. But you’ll know the moment guests arrive thanks to your smart video doorbell. As your friends and family arrive at your door, you can see them and speak with them from anywhere in your home. Then, just tap a button on your touch-panel control device to unlock the doors and let them in. Once they enter, just one more tap on the controller prepares your space for the evening’s events. You can return to the lighting and music settings you’ve already prepared and focus on what really matters.

Cheers to a happy holiday season!