We don’t know about you, but for us, summer has been a whirlwind. Between family vacations, projects put off last year, and now preparing for yet another school year, it seems like just yesterday we were pulling our shorts from the back of our closets.

What did your summer look like? Regardless of what was on the calendar, chances are it was packed full. How did your smart home help you stay stress-free? Here are couple of ways your smart home makes things a little simpler for you all the time, but especially during those busy summer months.

The craziest element between June and August is coordinating everyone’s schedules. When you’re not on vacation, one kid’s at soccer camp, another out with friends, you’re still at work…who’s at home? No one. That is one of the most critical times to tap into your smart home’s abilities.

These summer evenings are hot! And when you get home after a long day of shuffling everyone’s to-do’s, the house cooling down is not something you want to have to wait for. Good thing you can adjust the temp from your phone so that it’s comfortable the second you walk in the door.

What happens when the kids deem the day a lazy day? You get up and go to work and think about everything that could go wrong while they’re home alone. Well, since you control the alarm, can keep track of motion inside or out, and can check the cameras at any time, there’s really not much left to think about…so you can focus on your own tasks.

And when you ARE on vacation, (finally!) keep the appropriate lights on at the right times so no one else has to know your home is unoccupied. When you rush out the door, bags in hand and totally forget to turn the air up, you aren’t worried because as soon as you get settled, you can take care of that, no problem. Go ahead and make sure the door is locked while you’re at it.

Say goodbye to house-sitters and never worry about coming home to an expensive surprise. Let your smart home do the worrying for you.