With the holiday season in full swing, it is important to protect your home. Shuffling new gadgets and presents for the family to and from your home is out of the ordinary, and you don’t want to be a target to anyone looking for a way in! Take the worry out of preparing for the holidays and let your smart home do the work. 

Your home automation system can be your eyes when you are not home. Update your settings to switch outdoors lights on at dusk, or install motion lights to deter any unwanted visitors. You can also schedule lights to come on throughout your house at different times of the day, to imply people are inside moving around. Turning your Christmas tree lights on from your smart phone is another simple trick. A well-lit home and surrounding area is not inviting to thieves.

You can sleep soundly at night knowing that your home will be protected while you are away. By adding smart locks, sensors, and cameras that are constantly “speaking” with your system, you get alerted of movement or unauthorized access in any location, whether inside or outside of your home. Your system gives you tracking capabilities on any movement within the house and can send a text message when that movement is detected or even when certain doors are opened. Getting a pet-sitter while you’re out of town for the holidays? Unlock the doors for them from your phone, without giving away any extra keys or codes. 

Holidays are stressful enough. Slow down and enjoy the people you’re around without having to worry about all the little details.