Technology’s role in the average individual’s life is increasing every day. When you stop and think how much of our daily routine depends on our computers, phones, or the internet, it can be overwhelming. From a convenience standpoint, however, this streamlining is incredible. Ease of use, access, and storage makes for quicker processes on almost every front.

Home automation is a front that is on the rise. Some homeowners start small with automated shades or thermostats, others hand over all manual processes in their home to a company like ours. It is a luxury that one quickly grows accustomed to and it is becoming the norm. With all this power shifting into the hands of our technology systems, the question arises: What can we do to protect it?

Perhaps you haven’t considered the possible threats to your in-home technology. Chances are you’ve already experienced multiple surges in your home – and not just during a lightning storm. In fact, the majority of surges are caused by the homeowner themselves, and might even go unnoticed over the years. Slowly, these surges chip away at the electronic’s lifespan and performance.

To put it into simple terms, a whole-house surge protection device will serve as a kind of security system for your electricity use. It ensures that any electricity your home doesn’t need won’t be allowed in. In addition to this, it will protect the devices in your home from any surges happening internally.

Before upgrading the technology in your home, consider how you plan to protect it. Think of a whole-house SPD as insurance for your home automation needs. At Symbio, we realize that this is a valuable investment and we want to make sure you get the most out of it. Let our team help you decide how to best upgrade your home’s technology and automation…call us at 713-780-4601.