4 Reasons to Protect Your Home

4 Reasons to Protect Your Home

You get home from work, turn on the 6 o’clock news, and there it is again- another break in. Sometimes it is easier to just let the news of the world go in one ear and out the other, but then there are always those few and far between stories that really make you think, “Wow, that could’ve easily happened to me if…”. We are here to offer a home automation and security system that will prevent you from being unprepared in that kind of emergency situation. Here are a few reasons why we think having an automated home security system is going to make you and your family feel safe throughout the day and night.

  1. Protect your home and family from burglars. Your home is more likely to be scoped out by an intruder if they do not see any kind of security system present. The presence of a home protection system alone is going to decrease the risk of having a break in. For the intruders who break through the house anyways, the security system is going to notify the authorities immediately.
  2. Protect your valuables. Many of us keep our most valuable possessions tucked away or stored in a safe at home. With a home security system, you can monitor your possessions and always have video footage in view of your safe. The video footage can help catch the intruder’s identity, as well as identify what was taken in the case of a break in.
  3. Monitor your home. Having a visual eye on your home while you’re away is a great solution to many fears that homeowners may experience. You can log into your phone and view the footage from your strategically placed cameras around the house to prevent unexpected visits or even just to keep an eye on what the dog might be getting into when you aren’t around!
  4. Reduce your energy bill. You are able to turn up and down the air conditioning remotely, which is a great solution to some who suffer from dramatic temperatures rising and dropping throughout the day. Another great plus is having access to the lights from your phone! You can turn on the light before you get home at night, turn the light off if you forget, or even strategically turn on lights around the house to make it look look someone is home.

Symbio Solutions offers a security system with these features, and so much more. Your security is so important to us, we have created a privacy and security system that will turn all of your “what if’s” into “look what my Symbio System can do”! Contact us today to hear more about what our home automation system can offer for your family 713.780.4601!

How to Choose Smart When Investing in Your Home Automation System

How to Choose Smart When Investing in Your Home Automation System

Are you trying to decide which home automation system is best for you? You might have discovered that the choices and information can be overwhelming. The biggest decision that you will need to make is which system you’ll use to manage everything. There are literally hundreds of systems out there, but the Savant System stands out above them all, and here is why…

The Savant System has a very approachable design. Ideally, you want to find a system that is user-friendly among the advanced technology. The Savant System keeps things simple. Since every screen connects and is completely intuitive, you can easily manage every part of your home. The system can be accessed from your phone, tablet, desktop, laptop or with your Savant Pro remote. The touchscreen design allows you to access the system quickly, so that you can lower your shades, turn on your favorite playlist, or check to see who is at the front door with a touch of a button or even with the control of your own voice.

Another thing that sets Savant apart is its overall power. This system can be designed and customized to fit every aspect of your personal lifestyle because it can connect to a variety of systems and devices. For instance, if you currently own a security system in your home, it could be connected to and managed by the Savant system. You are certain to be wowed by all of the amazing features that it can do.

And finally, you will want to choose Savant because it’s reliable. The benefit of a smart home is that it simplifies your day to day tasks. The last thing you want to do is deal with “glitchy” technology. Savant’s design, reliability, and user interface is top of the line, eliminating the complications. This is an investment that will work in your favor, not against it.

At Symbio, we can design the ideal system for you to fit your lifestyle. We want to help you love where you live. Call us today. 713-780-4601.

3 Best Features to a Savant Home Automation System

3 Best Features to a Savant Home Automation System

When choosing a home automation system, the more user-friendly, the better. The savant system takes complex technology and makes it easily usable by people of all experiences and ages. This system makes things easier and more convenient, and the simplified touchscreen control for all your home technologies gives easy access from any location.

Here are 3 features that Savant offers, that makes this system amazing…


You might be thinking, “I already own so many smart home devices, how is it even possible to tie everything together on a single remote?”  

With Savant, all of your technologies can be merged into a single universal system. We can build a Savant system that can control everything. Your lights, motorized shades, TV’s, indoor/outdoor speakers, security system, and so much more, can all be integrated into your universal Savant interface.


The user interface is the means by which a person can control a software application or hardware device. A good user interface provides a user-friendly experience, allowing the user to interact with the software or hardware in a natural and intuitive way. The Savant System makes this a priority.

The Universal remote has a touchscreen, which allows you to browse easily through all of your options and is comfortable to use. Also, another bonus to the Savant System is that you can access the system with your smartphone or by using the sleek touchscreen wall panel. The user interface is divided by the rooms in your home, which allows you to select and control technologies in each room easily.


A favorite of the Savant home automation system is its built-in remote access. Which basically means, you can control your system anywhere. As long as you have the app on your phone or tablet, and an internet connection, you can access your system from anywhere in the world. This allows you to keep watch over things while you are gone. Don’t want to give the dog sitter a key to your house?  You can let her in, using your smartphone. Want to turn on the hot tub before you get home from a long day of work? No problem, your system will have it ready for you when you get home. The peace of mind that this feature gives you is worth every penny.

If you want to learn more about the Savant system, and how to discover the luxury that this system can offer you, we’re here to help!

One of our recent clients had to say about his experience…

“From wiring, to Savant, to multimedia devices, to cameras, to motorized shades and even lighting, the team at Symbio took care to make sure that everything worked together.”

Insanely Cool Media Rooms

Insanely Cool Media Rooms

Who doesn’t want their very own movie theater in their home? Bringing this classic experience into the comfort of your media room is totally feasible with today’s technology. The only question is how big you’ll go…

Looking for the perfect “Wow” factor? Try incorporating a bar into the design! This is a guaranteed way to get oooh’s and ahhhh’s from all of your guests. When it comes to the details of the bar, consider the purpose you want your media room to serve. Watching a lot of sports? Add some sports memorabilia like jerseys and autographed baseball bats. A traditional style bar with barstools and open shelves to showcase your liquor selections would fit well with this theme. If your style is more contemporary, adding an elevated sleek lined bar at the back might be a better choice.

Another defining element to consider in the design of your media room is seating. If you really want that movie theater experience, seating arrangements play a big part. You can always go with a basic couch setup, or get a little more creative and go with stadium seating. The more plush and comfy, the better! If you have little ones who will be enjoying this space, toss in some giant bean bags just for them! Also, when shopping for seating, make sure you take into account if they will need access to electricity. A lot of movie theater style seats have electrical mechanisms for reclining, so you will want to make sure your arrangment considers that. 

To even further explore the luxury your media room is capable of, don’t forget the added convenience that comes with home automation. Your movie night can be programmed all the way down to the popping of the popcorn. With a touch of a button, dim your lights, lower the screen, recline your chairs, and start your movie night experience. The possibilities are limitless when dreaming up your own design. 

At Symbio, we want you to love where you live. We will work with you and your architectural designers to help you design the perfect media room. Blueprints are our specialty. We’ll bring the whole movie-going experience to you…complete with surround sound. The only worry you’ll be left with is which movie to watch first!

TV vs. Projector – Pros and Cons

TV vs. Projector – Pros and Cons

Televisions and projectors serve two different purposes, and there are pros and cons to both. It really comes down to what experience you are hoping to get out of it.

Here are some things to consider…

A projector will require you to have some sort of screen or surface to display the image. This also allows you to go really big, if that is what you are wanting. A projector uses a bulb, so it will not be as bright as a TV. For this reason, they typically work best in a dark basement or dedicated home theater room, where you can control all of the light. Another thing you need to consider with a projector is the “throw distance”. This is the distance between a movie projector lens and its screen. It is the distance the image is thrown onto the scree, and it has a large effect on the screen size. The average projector needs to be several feet away from the screen in order to project a large image. For example, if you want a 120 inch screen, most projectors will need to be about 13 or 14 feet away to get that size picture. So before making your decision, be sure you have the space it takes to maximize a quality projector. Last and probably least is remembering that a projector uses a lamp or bulb to project the image, and will need to be replaced periodically.

A TV can be great for almost any space, but when you want something big, price is going to be much higher than with a projector. However, TV’s do have a lot of advantages over projectors. They are bright and therefore, easily viewed in any lighting situation (although who doesn’t love snuggling up to a good movie in the dark?!). Most TV’s are “smart” now, which means you can easily play shows and movies from all of your streaming accounts. You can do this with a projector, but it does require additional equipment. Lastly, the picture on a TV is much higher quality. Even with a small, fairly inexpensive TV, you’re getting a very advanced, clear and bright picture compared to a projector. 

Of course, a lot of these factors can differ depending on the amount you are looking to spend.

Projectors might have the “wow” factor and impressive viewing experience, where a TV is just like every other home on the block. As long as you consider all options and people your decision might affect (kids do tend to have opinions about these things), you should be confident in your decision. Of course, eventually, it’d be nice to have both…right?

At Symbio, not only can we help you decide but we’ll do the dirty work. TV or projector, you’ll have the best setup in town, and you won’t have to lift a finger. Well, except maybe for the popcorn…

Give us a call today, and we can help you get started! 713-780-4601.

The Many Roles of Home Automation

The Many Roles of Home Automation

Home automation is a way that your devices and appliances can be networked together to in turn, provide you with seamless control over all aspects of your home. It allows you to passively or actively control your home to whatever level of detail you’re comfortable with. Every little element can be customized to your liking. 

With technology evolving everyday, the possibilities truly are endless. The three areas where home automation has most significantly effected the lives of homeowners are lighting, entertainment, and home security.


Your home will always be illuminated exactly as it should be. Down to the brightness of the bulbs, you have control over every. single. light. Whether you need to light up a room with your hands full, set a schedule for when you’re out of town, or collapse into bed without another thought…consider it done. For date night, you can dim the lights in the living room and turn on the hot tub and outdoor lights at just the right time. On late nights or early mornings, set the lights to 50% so your eyes can adjust to the day along with you.


When you have a house full of guests, just tap “cocktail hour,” to prompt your home to play the playlist you carefully curated, indoors and out, as well as the lighting to get things moving. Movie night is as simple as picking a movie, and letting automation do the rest. Surround sound, lights off, doors locked and volume 100%. All of this can be done by either voice commands or with a touch of a button.


You never have to wonder if you locked the doors or turned the iron off before you left the house. You can monitor energy usage and receive alerts for any unusual activity, like a power outage or unplanned parties. You can visually check the entire home perimeter and interior with an array of cameras. Do you have a vacation home? No worries, you can make sure everything is fine there too, and be notified if it’s not.

Are you ready to discover the luxury and conveniences that home automation can bring to your life? We can help you. We will work directly with you to form a custom plan for your home. Call Symbio today at 713-780-4601.