If you’re a parent, your children’s safety and well-being are likely pretty high up on your priority list. In today’s society, kids have access to more information and tools than ever before – and that can be terrifying. How can you utilize the technology of today in such a way that protects them instead of exposing them to more than they’re prepared for?

Home automation technologies can actually help instill a lot of the practices and limitations you probably already have on your child’s technology usage. Not to mention it can allow you as the parent to have a better grasp on their overall safety.

Here are a few simple ways that home automation can help you keep your kids safe and smiling.

  1. Automatic locks. Whether you have older children coming home to an empty house after school or young ones that mess with anything they can reach…automatic locks are extremely convenient. You can see if your door is locked from your phone, and lock/unlock it as you need to. You can even set up alerts so you are notified when they get home. Knowing everyone inside of your home is safe and secure at any point in time gives so much peace of mind.
  2. Doorbell/Front Door Camera. This speaks for yourself. Know instantly who is at your door and whether or not your child should be answering it. Again, this can be done from within or outside of your home.
  3. Timers on electronic devices. How many times have you set a limit for your child on their phone, a video game or the television and hours later realize they are still glued to the screen? Whether you rely on them to get off when their supposed to or you know you’ll have to remember to boot them off yourself, setting a time limit through your smart home will automatically power down the device they can’t seem put down. Avoid the arguments of “It hasn’t been 30 minutes yet!” or “You never told me to get off“.
  4. Remote appliances. Things like laundry and dinner don’t have to loom over you while you’re at work or running errands. Controlling these devices from your phone allows you to get things done even when your child can’t necessarily help out. Notifying you of things like hot temperatures, completed cycles, etc., you can arrive home knowing your family and your home are ready and waiting.

In addition to these features, there are automated thermostats to keep your home comfortable for whoever is in it throughout the day, motion-sensor lighting for late night trips to the bathroom, and of course, fire, flood, and carbon monoxide monitoring abilities. We want to know how else your smart home has increased your child’s safety and your peace of mind…comment below!