We are in the business of introducing the latest technology into your everyday life in such a way that you don’t even notice it’s there…everything just suddenly seems to flow more smoothly. While you’re enjoying your home and everyone in it, we’re in the background making sure all of your boxes are checked. As technology continues to expand and the internet of things controls more and more “things”, our job changes. How can we incorporate the latest gadget into your home?

While we work on creating top-notch automation, we wanted to share with our readers some of the up and coming trends on the rise this year. We’ll handle the details of making sure you get the most out of these…you just focus on the fun part which is, reading about them!

As we get further and further into the future, it’s easy to take on the mindset of, “What more could there be?” And while it is impossible to predict what is to come, it’s usually appropriate to assume that if nothing else, existing digital trends will significantly increase in speed, accessibility, and more.

1. Artificial Intelligence. We know this isn’t new, but suddenly, it seems that every new device and application is utilizing this feature. With it being so widely used across the world of technology, consumers almost expect it at this point. This aids home automation in the sense that, yes, we’re controlling multiple devices in one but when our habits begin being memorized by these devices, it presents an opportunity for them to perform the actions we need them to, when we need them to.

2. Advancement of Digital Centralization. Obviously, we’re a little partial to this particular trend. More and more appliances and systems are being centralized every day. At the height of this trend, we imagine a future where your to-do list consists of the things you WANT to do…all the have to’s are taken care of. With the exception of finding the right button on your phone or, better yet, utilizing voice commands, your free time will be with your loved ones and doing things you genuinely enjoy.

3. 5G. You read that right…5G networks. What could possibly be better than 4G, you might ask? Well, a lot, actually…with a 5G network, video conferences are suddenly crystal clear, web searches spew information with no lag time at all, even self-driving cars are on the table! You don’t even realize how much speed plays into our current state of technology until you consider what *no* lag time could really mean. This is revolutionary for the automation industry as well, considering phones have turned into universal remotes for all of our devices. As the number of devices included under the internet of things continues to grow, network reliability and speed become more and more vital.

4. Voice Recognition. Voice commands sound great and all, but not if you have to say it much more than once. Even with human interaction, having to repeat yourself is extremely frustrating. At some point, you’ve probably said the phrase, “Nevermind, I’ll just do it myself.” This carries over into the world of technology, too. Voice command has yet to reach it’s full potential purely because your device can’t always interpret what you’re saying. Well, just wait, because the more this becomes prevalent among various systems, the better your technology will understand you.

Which of these upcoming technology trends are you excited about? Or maybe you have one outside of our list…leave a comment below!